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Editorial: Carleton lucky to have gift of resident hall

<st week’s leading headline in The Carletonian read that “Financial Crisis Hits Carleton.” While some effects of the crisis will be felt immediately – with the planned 2011 completion date of the Arts Union to be postponed – many college officials agree that it will actually be some time before the full effects are felt. Endowments, giving, and financial aid are all aspects of the college that may experience a decrease because of the downturn in the economy.

What will not be affected, though, is the construction of Carleton’s two resident halls – Cassat Hall and Memorial Hall. The two dorms are on schedule to be completed in the fall 2009, and construction workers have made noticeable progress of the dorms in the past weeks. With the recent increase in the sizes of Carleton’s classes, the new dormitories will provide much needed housing relief, and will add significantly to the shape and feel of Carleton’s campus.

It is possible that had the dorms been delayed at all, the college would have experienced an increasing and increasing crunch, probably seeing more and more students moving to live Northfield option. In theory, the dorms will keep more students on campus, likely adding to the quality of Carleton’s student life.

Were it not for the gift of George and Pat Cassat, ’46, however, the dorms may have experienced the same uncertainty as the Arts Union. Long after the halls are finished and students from the class of 2013 or 2014 are living in the suites, and long after phase one of the Arts Union is completed, whether that will be in 2012 or 2013, the generosity of the Cassats will still be felt.

George and Pat Cassat have been giving to Carleton for over half a century. Since 1946, the two have continued to be involved with Carleton on a consistent basis. George and Pat were instrumental in renovations to Nourse Hall in recent years. George was quoted as saying that “The only way I know of to make charitable gifts is to make things better for tomorrow.”

In March of this year, Pat passed away, leaving a huge void in the Carleton community and alumni affairs. On Carleton’s campus, though, she and George will always be remembered. The Cassat’s gift has ensured that Carleton’s campus will survive a difficult time for the college and for the economy, and will continue to improve into the future. For setting an example that all alumni should follow, The Carletonian thanks the Cassats for everything they have done for the college.

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