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Solutions to the Slush Situation: Stop Slipping on Streets

As campus gets warmer and students get happier, a new problem has arisen to replace the ice: slush. When walking across campus, one cannot help but notice the slippery wet goo that is now the snow on the ground. This can be irritating to students, causing wet shoes and general discontent. It is my sincere belief, however, that there are solutions to this problem and I have compiled a list of suggestions:

  1. Wear shower shoes. Muddy shoes are not fun. Neither is slipping. Thus, shower shoes are the best footwear option because they won’t be damaged by water and have excellent traction. 
  2. Bring shampoo. If you’re already wearing shower shoes, you might as well take advantage of the situation and use it as a chance to wash your hair. This is good for saving time, which is ideal because Carleton students are often overscheduled, and water, because showers use significant amounts of water, and the slush is already there. Plus cold showers are supposed to be good for you for some reason.
  3. Bring a straw. Slush is incredibly unpleasant to walk through, and when all else fails, the only option left is to make that slush go away. Try drinking the slush to get it out of your way. For optimal slush drinking experiences, twisty straws are the most fun, but it is also important to use a long enough straw that you can walk while drinking the slush. This has the added benefit of hydration! Many Carleton students don’t drink enough water and drinking slush is a great way to ensure that you do. And I’m fairly certain there are nutrients or something in the slush too because it sits on the ground.
  4. Bring ice skates with you. The slush usually freezes overnight, so to save time later, bring your skates with you all of the time. That way, instead of needing to trek across campus later, you can just sit and wait for the slush to freeze over to skate across. Just in case you didn’t like my other ideas.
  5. Wait until spring to avoid the slush. Find a nice spot that isn’t slushy, make yourself comfortable and wait until spring term when all the slush melts. I would strongly suggest bringing a book (or perhaps two). It can’t be that long until it’s warm enough for all the slush to melt, right? 

Happy slurping!

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Becky Reinhold
Becky Reinhold, Editor in Chief
I'm a junior Philosophy major, and I can usually be found in the basement of Anderson or wandering around Northfield. I like thunderstorms and writing articles around 2am. Becky was previously Managing Editor, Viewpoint Editor, and Design Editor.

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