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Goodbye to a good friend and colleague

<ture of a school – whether high school, college, or otherwise – is that the people involved with the school will consistently be a changing landscape. Here at Carleton, students leave every four years, and staff members come and go maybe just as often, accepting new positions with other employers, being let go, or just deciding to leave. Love it or hate it, change is a constant on campuses such as Carleton.
It is on this topic, then, that we mark the departure of Chris Rasinen, Associate Director of Campus Activities from Carleton’s community. By the time that this is published, Chris’s time at Carleton will be done, and he will have started his new job with Minnesota Youth in Government.

Although Chris’s tenure at Carleton was short – only two and a half years – he made an impact on Carleton’s campus. Chris was personable, enthusiastic, and most importantly, he enjoyed what he did here – working with students. Campus Activities will miss his presence, and we can only hope that Chris’s replacement shares his approachable and fun professionalism. At his core, Chris is a great and a fun person, and he will be missed around Carleton’s campus, in CSA meetings, and in the Campus Activities office.

While it was Chris’s own decision to leave Carleton, it is no secret that the Division of Student Life has had its issues in the past year, beginning in January when former Director Robin Hart-Ruthenbeck’s contract was not renewed. Then, in the weeks following, Student Life decided to eliminate the Pre-Frosh Trip orientation program. Finally, this past summer, former Dean of Students Bucky Zietz mysteriously left the college. Of this most recent change, the college is not saying anything, and students have been kept in the dark, except that a new search has begun.

While it was Chris’s decision to leave, is it possible that these recent events had any effect on that decision? Maybe. Maybe not. It is difficult to say for sure, not knowing enough details about what happened with Dean Zietz. But perhaps this proves one thing: to avoid the mistakes it made last spring, the college needs to be transparent to the student body in its processes. When the search for Chris’s replacement starts, the college must consider student input, and it must take the time to sufficiently interview the new candidates.

That process will be starting soon. But until it’s finished, one thing is for certain: Chris’s absence will leave a large hole in Sayles 150, and it will not be the same without him. We wish him, and his family, well in his future endeavors and their lives beyond Carleton.

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