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Alli-strology: January 28

Hello everyone,

Happy Friday, I hope y’all have some fun things planned. For me, this means watching with my roommate the cringe train wreck that is the new “Sex and the City” reboot. What a shame Samantha isn’t back on, I was even listening to a podcast on the matter. Perhaps this speaks to the current timing and transits . . . with the sun in Aquarius, there is a push to feel risky and experience new (and some may say bizarre) things! On February 1st, there will be a new moon in Aquarius, which will mean a fresh start and shedding what is holding you back. Get ready for a new chapter that allows you to feel a newfound sense of freedom and get ready to expand your horizons. I ADORE Aquarius Szn. This might be because of my first house Aquarius stellium *hair flip and giggle* but I am looking forward to the new experiences, fresh starts and good stories that will develop during this period, and so should you.


Ur astro-insider & friend,

Allison Drennan

Aries: Hey babes, are you feeling energized or like you’re ready to do something spontaneous? Do it! This period is exciting for you and will encourage you to push yourself in a new, unexplored direction!

Taurus:  Are you feeling overwhelmed? Change can be a hard thing for you, Taurus, especially if this impacts the most personal parts of yourself and your life. 

Gemini: Following the Feb. 1st new moon, you could feel like so much around you is unexpected, for better or for worse. Hold your tongue, Gemini, and wait to see how these new developments change your life.

Cancer: The new moon will bring out your inner adventurer. Perhaps this means trying the new pizza flavor(s) in Burton or LDC, or trying your hand at building an igloo and sleeping in it this weekend. This period has been a lot for you and a new beginning is what you’re craving. Try to get out of your head by trying something new.

Leo: Did someone or something come out of the woodwork this past week and throw you for a loop? Don’t worry, it’s likely because the sun was conjunct mercury (which is in retrograde). It’s a recipe for old flames and confusion. Don’t sweat it. This week, focus on yourself and expect that your radiance will attract many. 

Virgo: Did you feel frustrated this past week in the workplace? Was someone really testing your patience or did you feel restless? This next week, you’ll reflect on the past and these moments of irritation with a fresh and more level-headed perspective. 

Libra: Experiencing Aquarius Szn as a Libra means new, fun people and learning more about yourself in the process. You feel best when surrounded by people who notice the goodness in the simple things that others seem to miss. I’m excited for you!

Scorpio: This week’s forecast predicts positive growth in the home. Whether this means your most personal friend group or your physical space, there is likely a development that will impact you for the better. This weekend, clear up and cleanse your space to make room for good things to come. 

Sagittarius: Your expectations and vision for the future mean more self-discovery, but lately, there has been a feeling of doubt. What is this linked to? You are meant to be untethered, Sagittarius, but also, there is a desire for stability and something to ground yourself in. Fear not, baby, you are blessed and protected by the lucky planet, Jupiter—so everything will work out, don’t you worry.

Capricorn: You are calculated but also love a good risk, Capricorn! I love that about you. You assess and follow logic. This week, you’ll hear advice and talk about moving forward. Aquarius Szn and the new moon will encourage you to test your limits, and from there you’ll come to discover more about yourself and the current situation you’re in. 

Aquarius: It’s your season!! Bask in this glow and celebrate yourself and all of the wonderful things you bring to this world. You help people find themselves and discover new pieces of yourself in the process. It’s okay to have a hard time when you’re asked to “describe yourself in three words,” because you are a dynamic person. Go with the flow this week and trust that you will be rewarded.  Pisces: Aquarius Szn brings you more knowledge and intuitive understanding about what is going on around you. This week, you’ll begin to see friends, old and new. Take note of what they say and how they act. Have they changed? Have you? Trust yourself, you know best.

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