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Focusing On Cultivating Scientists

<s of the first Carleton cohort known as FOCUS, Focusing On CUltivating Scientists, want to introduce ourselves and the second FOCUS cohort (class of 2012). FOCUS is a cohort geared towards helping develop science skills in students coming from different backgrounds. For us, the term science includes math, computer science, psychology and all of the natural sciences. FOCUS is an opportunity for students to create networks with other students and faculty. It not only benefits the FOCUS members, but also the Carleton community. Incoming first year students have to apply for the program and up to 15 are accepted. During fall term, the freshman cohort students are enrolled in the same science-themed first-year seminar and continue on into other introductory science courses during winter and spring term. We all know that science courses at Carleton are HARD! Several benefits of being a member of FOCUS include having mentors for our science courses and the fact that other FOCUS members are in the same class whenever possible. According to Sam Phillips, a member of the first FOCUS cohort, “I wouldn’t have survived physics without my mentor.” Members also have an extra academic advisor to help answer any questions specifically related to science. The Carleton community benefits from FOCUS through supporting and promoting a diverse group of students interested in the sciences. It also takes away the “fear” that some students have of taking a science course. FOCUS provides a support system to overcome the transition into the sciences at Carleton. The cohort is a tool for refining a student’s interest in the sciences. In addition, other students can utilize the FOCUS mentors and tutors. FOCUS also co-sponsors public events that are open to anyone on campus. The first FOCUS cohort wants to encourage everyone to support the sciences, and welcome the second cohort to the Carleton community. Don’t forget to participate in FOCUS-sponsored events!

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