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My dearest astro fiends,

It is I, your favorite Sagittarius, Allison, and I am here to help guide you into next week. Your horoscopes, I have heard ,have been resonating. At the end of the day, whether you believe in the power of the stars and planets, if what you read here helps you feel seen, heard or otherwise understood, that is all that matters, bestie. Just know that the universe is cheering you on, and so am I. 

This upcoming week, we are starting strong because the Nov. 4 New Moon in Scorpio ushered in a period of transformation and healing. If you have felt out of sorts lately, you aren’t alone. I told y’all last week that this period will be about endings and beginnings, so expect some shifts,. As always, read your horoscope according to your rising/ascendant if your typical (sun) sign isn’t resonating. 

Happy Scorpio Season,

Allison <3

(Bald Spot Editor)

Aries: Hello. There is something new about you, Aries. New hair? This period has brought a lot of challenges for you. As the first of the zodiacs, you naturally seek to lead the way into the unknown. Just remember that leadership doesn’t always mean you have to trek alone. Practice vulnerability this week.

Taurus: This week, you will learn more about the environment surrounding you. What do you notice about the people you gravitate towards? Are there patterns in your life that have hurt you in the past. Likewise, what are the things in your life that continually make you feel your best? Take note and remember, you deserve all good things.

Gemini: Love is on the horizon. I say this because you thrive off connection and are able to harness your creative energy for good. This week, you will hear good news and reflect on what you love about yourself.

Cancer: This week, you will feel emotional. The New Moon brought you reflection and release. What is holding you back right now? Sometimes you just need to recharge. 

Leo: Has there been drama lately? Perhaps you have been reconsidering how you like to spend your time and who you spend it with. You are growing, Leo, embrace that.

Virgo: There is so much around you that is out of your control. I know this can be stressful, but also it can be freeing too. This week, practice letting go of control and focusing on what you can control. It will bring peace.

Libra: When was the last time you had a chance to recharge and spend time with yourself. You are important, Libra, but it is easy to get caught up in other people’s affairs. Take yourself out on a date. You do love romantic things 😉

Scorpio: I see you have been paying more attention to yourself lately, Scorpio. Good for you. This week, expand and take what you know about yourself and begin to branch out. People will benefit from what you have to say. 

Sagittarius: Being a part of a group brings you joy, but what about when you find yourself adopting other’s traits and forgetting your own. You are a team player, Sag, but you are also an individual. What you offer is your unique spark, so this week, reflect on what makes you, you. 

Capricorn: What people admire about you is your mystery and drive, so this week, reach out to new friends and share your wisdom. It’s easy to get attached to your to-do list, so take a little break from your routine.

Aquarius: This week, you will begin to notice things about your surroundings that you hadn’t seen before. This could be discovering a new place or connecting with a new person. There are exciting times ahead, Aquarius, stay true to yourself.

Pisces: What are you yearning for right now, Pisces? Is it friends you connect with on a deeper level or a stronger relationship with yourself? This week, you will hear something that will push you to take another step toward achieving what you desire. Have faith and trust yourself, babe. <3 

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