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New year, new changes

An Latin proverb states that, “Times change and we change with them.” Indeed, as The Carletonian begins its 129th year as a student-run publication, this proverb rings as true today as it must have centuries ago. The most noticeable change that readers of The Carletonian may notice is the paper size. Slimmer and longer, The Carletonian now resembles more professional publications, such as the Northfield News. As journalism is an ever-changing industry, so too must The Carletonian adapt and develop to survive according to new trends. Moreover, The Carletonian will be adding new features. These include consistent profiles of students and their accomplishments, an improved Variety page, and new weekly columnists. With Armistice Day falling during Fall Term and marking the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I, The Carletonian will be coordinating with various other departments around campus to highlight the Great War and the profound impact it had on the world. Entitled “The Winter of the World: Remembering the Great War,” and including presentations, film showings, lectures, concerts, and exhibitions, The Carletonian is humbled to be included in what is sure to be a powerful series of events. We live today in an age of change, both around Carleton and through the world. All around campus, change is evident. The new residence hall and Arts Union remain on pace for their completion dates, both promising large potential for their additions to campus. Thus far, reviews of Bon Apetite, Carleton’s new food-service provider, have been largely positive. The refurbishing of Sayles-Hill Campus Center has also provided changes to create the atmosphere of a welcoming Student Union. National and international politics and economics have become some of the more important in recent memory. The election draws nearer by the day, with figures such as Sarah Palin and Barack Obama becoming part of our daily conversations. Prominent leaders warn of a new Great Depression, or a debilitating recession as politicians debate the Bailout Plan. As news occurs and events happen, The Carletonian promises to bring you that news. However, as most Carls have a four-year career, staff turnover can often pose difficulties for the operations of a publication like The Carletonian. Despite the loss of seniors who made invaluable contributions to the paper in the past, The Carletonian’s staff is now one of the strongest in recent years. Although the times have changed, and will continue to change, one thing that will remain consistent is The Carletonian’s approach to journalism. We will continue to be accurate and truthful. We will continue to be ethical. And we will continue to provide our readership with quality, informed journalism on all aspects of our community that enable you to be better citizens in your daily lives. This is our promise to you, and we thank you for your faith in reading our publication.

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