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Boosters at Carleton: a conversation with COVID Core Team member Eric Egge

We all remember the hassle of registering for the COVID-19 vaccine. Sparse availability, registering at midnight on pharmacy websites and driving hours to vaccine rollout locations––it certainly wasn’t easy to get an appointment. Now, with booster shots coming around, the question of whether or not we will find ourselves in a repeat situation is fresh on our minds. The Carletonian reached out to Associate Dean of the College and COVID-19 Core Team member Eric Egge to understand what Carleton students can expect. 

Will there be a way for Carleton students to receive the booster shot on campus?

We are not currently planning to host a vaccine booster clinic.  Our understanding is that vaccines are readily available in Northfield, and has a robust search tool to help locate available shots.

It’s also worth noting that Carleton is a designated Closed Point of Dispensing (CPOD), so we do have the infrastructure in place to quickly accept doses and set up vaccination clinics if necessary.  We did this last spring in response to a request from the MN Department of Health, and we are ready to assist if they request our help again with booster shots.

What is your team focused on in regards to the vaccine? What are your goals?

At the moment we are waiting to see how CDC eligibility recommendations and booster shot availability develop before setting booster shot policies or goals.  In general, we recommend that everyone follow CDC eligibility recommendations and the advice of their primary care physician.

What is your advice to students regarding the booster shot? When should students get it and how? Does this differ for the different vaccines in the US (J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna)?

Our current advice is that students should follow CDC eligibility recommendations and the advice of their primary care physician.

What, if you know, will the process look like for international students, especially those who may not have received the J&J/Pfizer/Moderna vaccine?

We are waiting to learn more about CDC and WHO booster shot recommendations for those who have received a WHO approved vaccine other than the J&J, Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

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