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Dear Friends,

Another week for the books. It’s me, your bestie and favorite Sagittarius, Allison, and I am here to tell you about your astrology forecast for the coming week. It’s about to be a lovely month. I love November. I love the transition from fall to winter, my birthday ;), and I feel like November brings a fresh start. Take a deep breath, y’all, and express gratitude for yourself. Taking time off, resting, whatever you need to do, is so wonderful and necessary. This upcoming week, as October ends and November begins, we will be in a period of endings and beginnings. Goodness awaits.  

With love,

Allison Drennan <3

(Bald Spot Editor)

Aries: Look at you, you little social butterfly! This week brings in bountiful connections. You will also clean and cleanse your surroundings. There is a lot expected of you right now, and it can be overwhelming; make your space more organized so that you feel more balanced. 

Taurus: This past week, there was an emphasis on understanding your boundaries with other people and yourself. Good job. You may feel drained from all the work asked of you. Spend time expressing gratitude and then focus on moving forward.

Gemini: Hey babes, I know last week you might’ve felt jittery and like you had an excess amount of energy. This week there will be a dip in energy, but that ain’t a bad thing. Narrow down the essentials for next week and space out social events.

Cancer: Concentrate on your reactions to things and people this upcoming week. You will be challenged to practice patience and mindfulness. Ask yourself why you might feel tense around some people or expect that bad things will happen. Hint: it likely has to do with your inner child. Extra hint: try out some journal prompts focused on healing. 

Leo: This week will ask you to reflect on your traits that you tend to hide or feel ashamed of. We’re all on our own journeys, but one thing’s for sure, Leo, and that is to not feel ashamed about what you struggle with. This is going to be a beautiful next stage for you. 

Virgo: It’s easy to bottle things up, especially for you, Virgo. There’s an immense desire for stability and perfection, and this is one of the biggest challenges you face in this life. This week, aim to strike a balance (don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet all of your goals), and you will find that you’ll start to feel refreshed and calmer. 

Libra: You feel best when you have a routine. Lately, it’s been more chaotic for you. Focus on planning and push yourself to make your bed every morning. Your space is sacred and so are you, bestie. 😉  

Scorpio: You asserted yourself and your boundaries last week, Scorpio. Be proud of yourself. As much as you like to give and help those closest to you, this week will be about re-centering yourself and analyzing what you’re currently doing to manifest your dreams. Remember: a dream or a goal is in your mind for a reason; you are capable of anything. Live your life as if it’s already achieved.

Sagittarius: What brings you joy is spontaneity and good company. This upcoming week will reveal more about what you look for in relationships (platonic, romantic, etc.). What is less than desirable to you is said to be a reflection of a part of yourself that you don’t like. Why is that? Journaling is going to be important this week. This could be emotional. But remember to be compassionate with yourself.

Capricorn: Last week you focused on academics and professional pursuits. You have a drive to accomplish anything, Capricorn, so take time to think back on all the wins of this past week. This next week will ask that you continue to be focused on immediate responsibilities. Check lists will show you how much you can get done, and they will be gratifying for you.

Aquarius: You can get along with many types of people, but still sometimes feel like you don’t truly fit in. Have faith, Aquarius. You are independent, but there is still a desire for external validation, and that’s normal. You will see that much of this next week will focus on developing your sense of self. Celebrate your accomplishments and express gratitude. You have so much to be proud of.

Pisces: Last week asked that you expand your social network. This week, there will be questions you will answer and more people you will learn from. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, make sure to take time to connect with your body and mind. This could be a walk, meditation, or weight lifting, whatever makes you feel good!

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