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Alli-strology, Issue 4


It’s me, your favorite Sagittarius. This past week, the full moon in Aries gave a push that we needed. Whether or not you think so, you are doing great and are a brilliant light! Congratulate yourself for every little win. As always, we are in this together. Refer to your rising/ascendant when reading your horoscope.

Aries: Whew, baby! This past week’s full moon in Aries fueled your fire and potentially made you more impatient than usual. Channel this powerful, POWERFUL energy going into this week, and reflect on what you desire most right now. Think about concrete actions you can take to make this a reality. If you want to feel more confident, try self-love affirmations. If it’s better grades, write down a to-do list and sign up for office hours. You can achieve anything. 

Taurus: You have so much potential. Prepare for the week ahead by spending some time alone. You give so much, Taurus, so focus on being present and try out a new study space (since you are a creature of habit).

Gemini: This week, you will feel restless, as the aftermath of the full moon in Aries gave you an energy boost. New friends may pop-up this week. Practicing listening will uncover some interesting information for you.

Cancer: There will be more opportunities throughout your week to take time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Use the energy this week to focus on things you have been avoiding. Trust your intuition and do not be so hard on yourself. Journal when you have those racing thoughts, babes. 

Leo: This week will be all about taking one thing at a time. You are capable of so much. There will be some upcoming tasks that will demand your attention. Make sure you are meticulous this week about completing these tasks. Take a deep breath, love. You got this. 

Virgo: You will be recognized for some great work you did lately, Virgo! And, socially, this will likely be a pretty stable week. Also, it is easy to get in the habit of clenching your jaw and directing tension to your shoulders. This is because you can get so anxious. My rising moon is in Virgo, so, alas, I’m afflicted, too. Make an extra effort to relax your body and mind. You are abundant and brilliant and will continue to achieve. 

Libra: Last week, you focused on boiling down your worries into things you can and can’t control. This week, you will be tasked with making decisions. I know you might struggle with going back-and-forth—weighing the pros and cons—but trust your heart. This decision will require patience.  

Scorpio: This week, work on taking time for yourself. You go hard. Rest and reassess things. What exactly is making you feel overworked? This may mean saying “no” or rescheduling. Listen to your body.

Sagittarius: This week will be about looking forward and planning something fun for yourself. It doesn’t matter if this is an evening by yourself or one with friends—do something that takes you out of your normal routine and have fun!

Capricorn: This week, it’s all about professional development. You are so driven and inspirational. Focus on giving back to yourself and refocusing on where you are in your professional/academic journey. 

Aquarius: You may be feeling a chaotic vibe these days. For this week, maintain communication with those who matter most  and look out for signs that you may be outgrowing your current environment. You are ever-changing and this week will show you that. 

Pisces: For this week, Pisces, you will be tasked with expanding outwards instead of going within. You are a master at self-reflection to a fault. Use this sensitivity to your advantage and prepare to try new things this week. It will be a great learning opportunity. 

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