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Hello besties,

I am your favorite Sagittarius, Allison, and I am here to give you a week’s forecast. “Of weather?”No. I can’t help you there. I don’t know what a doppler is. But I do know about lunar and planetary transits! 

And we have been in Mercury Retrograde since September 27! Do not fret!! This is not all bad! It’s a time for reflection and growth. There is also a wonderful new moon in Libra on October 6, which will provide the opportunity for you to manifest more balance, healthier or new relationships and self love. As your astrology bestie, I am going guide you through this. I would be doing you a disservice, too, if I suggested you follow horoscopes based on your typical “sun” sign. For the most accurate reading, consult your ascendant, or otherwise known as your rising sign.

Aries: As you have a lot of drive to lead, take this week to be aware of your energy and where you are placing and prioritizing your time. This period will be about reflecting on where you are with your goals in professional and personal life. You have come far, bestie.

Taurus: You know what brings you comfort, and this skill is a special skill. This week, the comfort you will focus on will be the care of the physical body. If this means more sleep, more vegetables, a quiet walk or meditation, then use this week as time to express gratitude for yourself and your divine physical form.

Gemini: Hi, love. This week, the new moon is pushing you to feel excitable and causing you to feel pulled in many directions at once. You can be pulled to involve yourself and potentially overextend yourself, so remember this week to think about what brings you joy and allows your creativity to be fully appreciated. 

Cancer: This week is a tie to focus on professional and/or academic goals! Visualize yourself achieving this. Close your eyes and imagine the feelings, gratitude, joy and surrounding environment you would be in. They are not out of your reach, baby.

Leo: This period will have you on your toes, but—based on your tenacity and fiery, passionate energy—this slight feeling of resistance you might face this week help remind you to practice patience. You will have some good, clarifying conversations with people. 

Virgo: Hello, my analytical and observant friends. This week will have you asking yourself to declutter: whether this a good journaling session, reading emails or a nice little room clean-up with a little Claude Debussy playing softly in the background. Cleaning out your mental and physical space(s) will help you sleep better and feel a bit more confident, too. 

Libra: *presents you with flowers and nice perfume* Happy Libra season, you aesthetically focused beauties. This week, you are glowing and confident. Celebrate yourself and repeat the affirmation: I am divine, I am surrounded by love, and I am so grateful.”

Scorpio: Your focus for this week, Scorpio, is to ground yourself. As a sign founded in acknowledging and healing more taboo and intense parts of the self, it is easy to get lost in your own mind. Remember the greater journey and how special you are. Assignments and friend problems can seem big and insurmountable at times, but you are being divinely guided. You are protected. 

Sagittarius: Hey. I know we adore attention most times, but this week calls for communication. All you need to do is send that email and start that conversation, knowing that whatever happens, we will remain self-aware baddies. It is okay to be vulnerable. 

Capricorn: You will be presented with bountiful opportunities and be asked to make some big decisions. You, of course, are more than ready to do this because you have pondered how your life might pan out for a long time and are an expert at making decisions (even if you identify as indecisive). What is meant for you will always find you. External forces might give their opinions, and this might trigger your limiting beliefs. But you are a badass, and you have to see that it’s mostly them projecting.

Aquarius: You love to disrupt social norms and be recognized as “one of a kind.” And you are a leader and social influence. This week, your personal beliefs and principles of what is right and wrong (or less-right), will be addressed. These personal pillars will shift and grow. Collaboration and creativity are going to be central to this week. 

Pisces: You, my darling, are coming into some blessings! Some may even be unexpected. Keep your head up and your heart open to receiving love. Try to think about (or journal on) what makes you feel expansive and joyful. Is it your capacity to care for others? Your keen sense of awareness and intuition? There is so much beauty and grace you bring into this world, Pisces, and this week, and looking into the future, you shall reap the good news you deserve.

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