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Considering Chris as a candidate

<ve worked with Campus Activities under two circumstances. The first one was when I was a New Student Week Leader for the incoming freshmen the week before Fall Term began this academic year. The second one has been the past month up until now, as the work for Carleton’s First Annual Spelling Bee is just about to be completed.

During both of these experiences with Campus Activities I have only known one boss, and he is not the Director. Chris Rasinen is the Associate Director of Campus Activities, but when former Campus Activities Director Robin Hart-Ruthenbeck’s was absent during New Student Week and after her dismissal in January, Chris has been working two jobs: that of Director, and his own.

I knew Chris during New Student Week as a fun, energetic leader who remained extremely visible throughout leader training, skit night, and the Freshman Variety Show, while simultaneously working fervently behind the scenes.

My next experience with Chris arose as the result of an idea that came to me last fall term: I had the idea of putting together a spelling bee at Carleton. I hadn’t put much thought into it, and nothing in particular inspired it, besides my disappointment in never having had the opportunity to participate in one myself. Despite this, I ran the idea by my roommate who works for Campus Activities and timidly asked her to run it by Chris. Two days later I got an email from him with the go-ahead, affirming that it was a great idea and that we could brainstorm more during the winter. He gave me full responsibility for the event — yet never left me without an administrative support system. I was able to decide how things would be run — and he, along with Hall Director Nadine Sunderland helped out with organizational issues and finding important resources. Even with all that he has had to do with the regular Campus Activities schedule, especially with upcoming events surrounding Commencement, Chris has been encouraging and helpful in the final days of planning the Bee.

I will not claim to understand the nuances of the interviewing process here on campus, yet as the Associate Dean of Students continues his pursuit in finding a new Campus Activities Director, something seems amiss. Why has Chris Rasinen not been considered for this position? Besides having occupied the number two position for two years already, he has essentially been engaging in a three-month-long interview for the number one job by actually performing it. Based on my experiences with Chris, I have come away with the perception of Campus Activities as an open, supportive, creative and efficient institution on our campus. It would be unfortunate to ignore such a valuable asset to the school, to the student body, and to people who, like me, have an idea that they think will excite their peers. I am disappointed that Chris’s experience and competence, which speaks for itself, has not already been taken into consideration. I sincerely hope that this choice is reconsidered as Carleton searches to fill this important role within our community.

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