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Hollenbeck ‘08 awarded Fulbright, will teach English in Germany for ten months

<r Amber Hollenbeck, a German major, is one of three Carls awarded the Fulbright Scholarship this year. Unlike the other two Carleton recipients, who were awarded the traditional Fulbright Scholarship, Hollenbeck applied and was accepted to the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Program which is affiliated with the Fulbright Institute of International Education.

Each year Fulbright sends over 800 scholars and professionals to over 140 countries to lecture and conduct research. The Presidentially appointed J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board is responsible for the final selection of all Fulbright grants. Although the details of Hollenbeck’s program are different from the traditional Fulbright, the general Fulbright standard, application process, and funding are the same.

Hollenbeck described her upcoming adventure as a combination of teaching and exploring culture. “I’ll be going to a German high school, working twelve hours a week teaching English. I may be paired with other teachers to teach English and American culture and the English language. I’d compare it to what the language associates do here,” Hollenbeck said.

Hollenbeck does not yet know where in Germany she will be placed, but as she said, “I’m really excited that I don’t know where I’m going. I’ll get to see a part of Germany I wouldn’t otherwise see. This is my chance to get to know the country.”

One reason Hollenbeck is uncertain about what her exact location will be is her general fascination with German culture. She began studying German at Carleton. “I loved the language and then I got into the literature courses. It is the most intriguing literature I’ve ever read,” Hollenbeck said.

Even while preparing for her trip to Germany, Hollenbeck is focusing on other goals. “I’m working on getting my teaching license through Carleton. If I hadn’t gotten [the Fulbright] I would have tought in Saint Paul.” This is what she currently plans to do after completing her 10 months in Germany.

Hollenbeck feels prepared for her time in Germany. “When I visited Berlin for my study abroad program, Carleton students’ German was significantly better than others, which says a lot about the German program here.”

Besides going abroad, Hollenbeck has been involved with tutoring at Northfield Elementary and coaching an eighth grade basketball team. “I think some of those skills will translate to the classroom,” Hollenbeck said. Hollenbeck said that, nevertheless, “My biggest fear is setting up my living situation—a place to rent, utilities. I don’t know the system like I do in the states.”

Hollenbeck’s personal advice to other students is, “Don’t just overlook these types of programs. They’re competitive, but you never know.” She encourages Carls to continue to apply for highly competitive programs like the Fulbright.

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