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Guide to buzzwords

I have decided to take a break from the usual cold-hearted amoral content I usually disseminate. Instead I will be helping to unpack some common phrases, so that we can create a dialogue based on shared understanding of basic concepts. 

  • Gaslighting – I already explained this.
  • Fragility – Vague discomfort. 
  • Toxic – Awesome, allusion to the Britney Spears song (#abolishpsychologicalconservatorship).
  • Space – The thing above the sky. 
  • Dialogue – The part of a play or movie that involves talking. 
  • Structural 
  • Legitimate – See “Legitimize.”
  • Essential 
  • Content 
  • Libidinal Economy – The idea that certain signs can be exchanged for sexual excitement and thus attention.
  • Manipulation – This isn’t a thing, ignore it. 
  • Reach Out 
  • Circle Back – Absolutely horribly profane sex thing, cannot describe here. 
  • Institutional
  • Unpack 
  • Interrogate
  • Legitimize – See “Legitimate.”
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