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Forty reasons to love spring term at Carleton

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2. The SUN.
3. Finally crossing the Goodhue bridge without harboring fears of frostbite
or windburn.
4. Baby geese on Mai Fete. (Slightly less great when they go through their
awkward phase).
5. Mai Fete.
6. Kiddie pools outside of the concert hall.
7. Over 150 innings of softball at Rotblatt.
8. Securing a coveted Rotblatt t-shirt.
9. Tubing down Canon River.
10. Barbeques.
11. Bonfires.
12. Running in the Arb.
13. The ability to recognize people by their faces rather than trying to iden
ify people by their not so distinctive outerwear.
14. No longer fearing a snowball attack.
15. Walking through instead of around the Bald Spot.
16. IM Sports of all kinds.
17. Dressing up for the Superhero Party.
18. A chance to Slip & Slide down Bell Hill during the Superhero Party.
19. Going outside for class.
20. Using the CMC outdoor classroom.
21. Reading on the Bald Spot.
22. Playing on the Central Park playground.
23. Spring Ebony.
24. Spring Ebony Sayles Dance. Promises, for better or for worse, a high
entertainment value.
25. Hill of Three Oaks. The site for the ever-enthusiastic men’s and
women’s post game celebrations.
26. Utilizing the outdoor deck of The Cow.
27 a. Anticipating Spring Concert.
27 b. Spring Concert.
28. Not needing an excuse to put off homework because “it’s just too nice
outside to concentrate.”
29. Distinct daylight hours.
30. No longer seeking the assistance of the “Happy Lamps.”
31. Not being cold (at least, we hope, by May?)
32. Puppy adoption.
33. Practical use of the Yellow Bikes.
34. Discovering has been frozen in Lyman Lakes.
35. “Picnics” a la Sodexho held at the Bald Spot and mini Bald Spot.
36. Cinco de Mayo.
37. Prospies.
38. The hilarity that inevitably ensues during Accepted Students
39. The potential (emphasis on potential) of maybe (emphasis on maybe)
getting a little tan.
40. Senioritis.

As Carleton students, we know how to work hard. While we will undoubtedly hold memories of the library, the CMC, and late-late night (early mornings?) of homework in Upper-Sayles—spring is also the time to think about what else really counts—and make it happen.

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