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St. Olaf: world’s first conservative arts college

After hosting resistance social media influencer Eric Trump on their campus last term, St. Olaf has been inspired to be the first educational institution to rebrand itself as a “conservative arts college.” This is in response to the liberals’ assault on free thought and speech through their hegemony over small arts colleges. 

“Being a religious institution, it only makes sense that we stand in support of family values and against personal liberties.” -David P. Anderson

Here are a few courses that will be offered:

RELG 900: Christian Values

ECON 666: Reaganomics

ECON 667: Government Regulation Very Bad

ECON 668: Being Selfish is Okay

SOAN 330: Intermediate Qanon Theory

IDSC 111: 

LING 749: How to Use Buzzwords Effectively

HIST 1492: A Critical Look at Criticisms of Columbus

ENTS 834: Preserving the Climate Change Debate

PHIL 810: Nozick and Rawls

POSC 342: Good Excuses to Give “Single Issue Voters”

BIOL 843: The Heart Beats 4 Weeks After Conception

BIOL 483: The Genetics of Intelligence

STAT 347: Advanced Baseball Statistics

CLAS 475: Roman Ethics in the 21st Century

AMST 234: F—— Yeah

EUST 343: The Harms of Globalization

MUSC 999: How to Like Ariel Pink

MUSC 638: It’s Okay if You’re Singing Along 

MATH 555: 1776

GUNS 101: Sam Colt and Equality

PSYC 144: The Reptilian Brain and Fear of the Other

CS 376: Lessons from Parler and Gab

ARTS 999: Fun Designs with the Vineyard Vines Whale

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