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Arb notes: arb trail cameras capture abundant wildlife

Remotely-activated game trail cameras provide the opportunity to witness animals one would rarely ever see in person. Popular among hunters, conservationists and wildlife managers, data from these cameras shed light on the abundance of mammal species in an area. In the Arb, a remote camera project undertaken by Matthew Zappa ’22 for the Arb Office has captured a wide variety of species. Examples of sightings are featured below. While some species, such as deer and raccoons, are often seen, other species like the red fox are common yet rarely observed due to their largely nocturnal habits. In order to have a good chance of seeing mammals in the Arb, it is best to go on an early morning hike, since many species are crepuscular (most active at dawn and dusk). It is easier to find tracks and signs of animals than the animals themselves; the best time to look for fresh mammal tracks is after a recent snowfall. Some signs, like otter slide marks and mink tracks, can readily be spotted on the ice along the Cannon River.

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