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MEN-struation at Carleton

Isaac Kofsky, Viewpoint Editor April 19, 2024

I’ve been feeling terrible all day. My stomach is hurting, my head is pounding, and I haven’t gotten a peaceful night of sleep in days. As I hurry to my PE class, I think I must be coming down with...

From student potential to employee performance: The postgraduate paradigm shift

Hal Beresford '06, Contributing Writer April 19, 2024

Through senior year of college, the fortunate among us grow up in environments where others generally have our interests at heart and want us to learn and develop. While exceptions exist, parents, teachers,...

The Curb finale was pretty, pretty pretty good

Bax Meyer, Managing Director April 12, 2024

When I first watched the first episode of the twelfth and final season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," I was anxious. Not the usual gut-wrenching, second-hand embarrassment anxiety that I’ve come to expect...

A plea for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Anonymous, Contributing Writer April 12, 2024

As a child of Jewish Soviet immigrants, I grew up hearing stories of my family’s immense efforts  to escape antisemitic oppression. My mother’s mother still remembers her family’s move across the...

Nothing spoils an appetite more than BonApp

Natalie Cai, Columnist April 12, 2024

The smell of basil, oregano and tomatoes perfume the air of the Watson kitchen as the ragu comes to a finish. The pasta, waiting on the other boiler, is drained and the sauce is poured into the Dutch oven...

Objects, sentimentality and letting go

Rahim Hamid, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

I have never really understood thrifting in America. The idea that passing down objects from one person to another was commercialized felt inherently wrong to me when I got here. This isn’t to say that...

The real cost of modern technology

Alice Mongane, Contributing Writer April 5, 2024

In November 2011, a conversation between Apple CEO Tim Cook and popstar Dua Lipa went viral. What a dystopian experience it was, as a Congolese person, to watch the reentry of the Democratic Republic of...

Navigating the use of preimplantation genetic testing

Helen Moses, Contributing Writer April 5, 2024

On February 16, the Alabama Supreme Court issued a ruling that embryos created by in vitro fertilization (IVF) are considered children. This ruling has sparked a lot of public discussion, as it has the...

Anyone can be a scientist: the role and importance of citizen science

Anya Mitton-Fry, Contributing Writer April 5, 2024

Many students come to college wanting to major, do research and pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Despite all of this interest, it can be difficult to know how...

Support for CSA’s divestment resolution

Carleton Faculty for Justice in Palestine, Contributing Writer March 10, 2024

We write today to express our support for the Carleton Student Association's Resolution for Divestment from the State of Israel, in Solidarity with the People of Palestine in Support of a Full Ceasefire....

The phony and the whiney: Defending Holden Caulfield

Cindy Zhao, Staff Writer March 1, 2024

If a singular event could symbolize the low points of high school, reading “The Catcher in the Rye” in English class would be second to none. Name-dropping the main character, Holden Caulfield, has...

Carleton needs to rehumanize itself

Cameron Kelley, Contributing Writer March 1, 2024

Not long ago, The Carletonian published an article titled “Too many CS majors: a symptom of a bigger problem,” which discusses the fears of job security that trouble students through the major declaration...

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