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Honorable dishonesty: cultural differences in cheating from the U.S. to Thailand

Saly Sirothphiphat May 30, 2021

When I wrote my first English essay at my U.S. high school, I struggled with citations—not the formats but when and what exactly to cite. The teacher said that if I took any ideas from another individual,...

To those of you who think you’re doing it right

Saly Sirothphiphat October 30, 2020

One thing I’ve noticed over my past six years of living in a couple states and going to different U.S. schools—from a rural public high school, to a private boarding high school and then college—is...

Death, uncertainty, and microwaved eggs

Saly Sirothphiphat October 24, 2020

As I entered the room, a putrid smell rushed into my nostrils.  Holding my two younger sisters’ hands tightly, I slowly stepped towards a pale skinny feeble body lying on a white bed in the...

What it’s like being Buddhist

Saly Sirothphiphat October 24, 2020

“I’m Buddhist.”   As a Chaplain's Associate, my self-introduction at Chapel events always includes this element. Many people, after knowing what religion I am affiliated with, often ask:...

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