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The Carletonian

Arb Notes: Ephemeral wildflowers

Ryan Gilbert May 9, 2020

While many of us are away from Carleton for this Spring term, one highlight of any Spring in the arboretum is spotting Spring ephemerals while walking in the woods. True to their name, spring ephemeral...

Arb Notes: Animals in the wintertime

Ryan Gilbert February 7, 2020

Minnesota winters can be brutal. This is as true for many of the critters which inhabit the arb as it is for us Carleton students. One of the primary challenges that animals face during the winter is...

Mussel Mass

Ryan Gilbert October 5, 2019

Darwin noted that “organs of extreme perfection and complication” were one of the chief challenges facing his theory of evolution by natural selection. He acknowledged that it defies common sense...

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