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Harlem Nocturne, a “must-see” show

Owen Duncan February 26, 2016

As a white male, I don’t feel that it is my place to comment on the thematic subject matter of Harlem Nocturne, the Winter Carleton Players Production written by David Wiles. Every audience member brings...

Disparity in team funding related to women’s injuries?

Owen Duncan February 5, 2016

In sports, injuries happen every day. It seems like a professional athlete blows out a knee on a daily basis. On the collegiate level, injuries are less frequent, because athletes are not playing as...

Editor’s Response to Backlash

Owen Duncan November 13, 2015

One of my favorite Comedians is Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Show host, who up until a year ago played a Republican pundit. His character on the Colbert Report was nothing like his persona in real...

Carleton Football: What it would take to win

Owen Duncan November 7, 2015

The leaves have all fallen off the trees, and the Carleton campus is giddy for winter break. At the same time, we are officially in the midst of one of the best times of the year for sports. The NFL’s...

The close-mindedness of Carleton

Owen Duncan October 31, 2015

Carleton students are close-minded and lack an ability to listen to conservative perspectives. The prototypical Carleton student is democratic, pro-environment, pro-choice, and against all forms of establishment....

Men’s Soccer, the Fraternity, Part 1

Owen Duncan October 31, 2015

Hear that dubstep music coming from Cowling, Dixon or Porch? Well, that’s probably because of the Men’s Soccer team, sorry less-cared-about Football team. This team works hard and parties even harder....

Gilmore wins 2nd straight golf title

Owen Duncan October 16, 2015

Oh, Golf, the sport that can bore people to tears and drive others into anger management. Some call it the oldest game, but I just call it an excuse to drink beer at 3 in the afternoon. At Carleton, the...

Carletonian Baseball Bracket Challenge

Owen Duncan October 9, 2015

The leaves are falling, love is in the air, and playoff baseball is back on television. By the time this article hits the stands the Astros and Cubs have won their Wild Card Playoffs games and we are...

Cross Country: Cult or just skinny and awkward?

Owen Duncan October 2, 2015

Every sports team on Carleton’s campus has a different personality, and as your new sports editor, I am going to try and tackle all of them. I decided to start with the team that I was once a part...

Sinister Civil War photos unearth veiled U.S. history

Owen Duncan October 2, 2015

Walk around campus and you are guaranteed to see someone snapping a photo of the chapel, the sky, or just a selfie. Photos are everywhere and we don’t think anything of them. Have you ever been taking...

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