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Paquete: Cuba’s black market, DIY internet

Olivia Wlliams October 31, 2015

In my short time in this country, what’s surprised me the most is the constant duality of life here. Everything in Cuba has two stories: what the government sees, and reality. Information is Cuba’s...

“We don’t have to do it justice”: ETB takes on William Shakespeare

Olivia Wlliams May 22, 2015

Out of all the playwrights in the history of the English language, William Shakespeare is by far the most revered, venerated, and cherished. His plays have been performed thousands of times for audiences...

ETB’s Closer crosses the pond

Olivia Wlliams May 16, 2015

Three things I love convening in one play: London, nineties fashion, and theatre. There was no way I could hate this week’s ETB production, Patrick Marber’s Closer, directed by Emma Halper ‘18....

ETB takes a shot at Bogosian

Olivia Wlliams May 9, 2015

This term at Experimental Theater Board, Ethan Ramsay ’17 has taken on the monumental task of directing Eric Bogosian’s 1986 collection of monologues Drinking in America. His two actors, Sam Bearak...

Cheers for Chekov

Olivia Wlliams May 1, 2015

A wooden house frames a bare stage. Projections of Chekhov serve as the backdrop, slowly flickering against an enormous plastic sheet. A row of chairs lines the stage. The show is not the modern, experimental...

A Carl abroad

Olivia Wlliams April 17, 2015

On a campus as close-knit as Carleton, it’s easy to forget the world outside of the Carleton bubble. However, embarking on off-campus studies can be a jolting reminder of Carleton’s idiosyncrasies.This...

David Brings Homer home: “An Illiad” Review

Olivia Wlliams April 17, 2015

The atrocities of the Trojan War seem so distant—and so different—from our lives, but how much has really changed? For his theater COMPS, Josh Davids tackles “An Iliad” by Lisa Peterson and Denis...

Hanging installations mirror natural forms

Olivia Wlliams April 10, 2015

 When Laurel Bradley, curator for the Perlman Teaching Museum in the Weitz, looked for inspiration for the museum’s spring art exhibit, she merely had to look up. The museum’s...

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