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Little Love Lessons: The relationship killer

Mark Fernandez February 16, 2023

The ick. The word has become commonplace in our vernacular. It’s similar to a liberal arts education – very versatile. It can attack anything: someone’s laugh, someone’s use of “lol”,...

Little love lessons: The technique of texting

Mark Fernandez January 26, 2023

It could be the end of the world. It probably is. You press send. It’s a text message, a simple text message. Yet, it feels like a bowling ball is sitting in your stomach. Actually, it feels like seven...

Avoiding the social chill

Mark Fernandez January 13, 2023

It’s 11 p.m. It’s freezing. It’s absolutely freezing. We all have a point where we draw the line between going out and staying in. Unlike the Fall Term, another variable must be added to our equation...

Till “so” do we part

Mark Fernandez November 10, 2022

An inevitable deadline approaches. As Date Knight passes and we enter into tenth week, with a six-week hiatus from Carleton on the horizon, almost every casual hookup, exclusive hook-up and situationship...

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