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A Quiet Friend

Klara Heuchert April 22, 2022

I often walk down Highway 19 on my way to the Arb, and I always keep an eye out for a friend of mine — he’s a lovely blue-gray color and likes to stand in the water and rocks in the little Lyman Lakes...

Arb notes: coyotes!

Klara Heuchert May 23, 2021

A few weeks ago, I was in the Arb after sunset and heard a strange dog yowl... and then I heard many others join in, high-pitched and even a bit spooky, and I realized that I was hearing a pack of...

Arb Notes: Fields of fire!

Klara Heuchert April 25, 2021

Photo provided by Hannah Marty. It’s spring, and that means that some parts of the Arboretum will be burned! Arb staff conduct prescribed fires every spring when the weather is dry but plants are...

Arb Notes: Notes from the resident bald eagle pair

Klara Heuchert October 2, 2020

Ever been in the arb and heard a familiar “kleek kik ik ik ik”? Me neither, but according to Wikipedia, that’s what I sound like. I’m a bald eagle, the second largest bird in North America, and...

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