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Bottom heavy prairies

Keaton Tremble May 6, 2016

Come summer, the arb will have turned into a veritable corn maze of native prairie grasses. Several of the native prairie grasses found in the arb can grow to be over 6 feet in height. In other words,...

Praying for Prairies

Keaton Tremble October 24, 2015

Prairies used to cover over 18 million acres of Minnesota; that’s more than the entire state of Massachusetts. Prior to European settlement, half of Minnesota was covered in native tall grass prairie...

What keeps Batman up at night?

Keaton Tremble October 2, 2015

When you’re walking back from that late T.A. session, or a last minute Sayles dinner, take a moment to look up on your journey home. Chances are you’ll see some dark shapes darting back and forth...

Ash trees under seige in Minnesota

Keaton Tremble May 22, 2015

Emerald Ash Borer, as you may or may not have heard, is one of the most imminent threats to the ecology of the Midwest. Yet, ‘threat’ may not be the correct word to use, as threats can be avoided...

Finding the Foxes

Keaton Tremble February 13, 2015

Our arboretum is home to many elusive creatures. While everybody has seen deer or even coyotes wandering around the arb at some point, there are several other beautiful species that are rarely seen during...

Arb Notes

Keaton Tremble October 13, 2014

If you have wandered around campus lately and happened to look up from your smartphone, you may have noticed that there are massive green and brown things located everywhere. These are called trees, and...

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