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The Carletonian

The Carletonian

Arb Notes: The Heavy Preserver

Jose Ortega April 6, 2023

The Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) is the heaviest-flying native bird in North America and has an average wingspan of 185 to 250 centimeters. Due to their size, they require around a 100-yard runway...

Multipurpose organism

Jose Ortega February 16, 2023

The Spike Mussel (Elliptio dilatata) is a rather unique mussel. Besides its odd name of “Lady Finger,” not many species of mussels have a spike on their shell that can grow up to 12.7 centimeters....

Confusing names

Jose Ortega February 10, 2023

Although commonly known for their famous appearance in the movie “The Killer Shrews,” short-tailed and long-tailed shrews are not dangerous… to humans. With their thirty-two razor-sharp teeth and...

The dormant giant

The dormant giant

Jose Ortega October 27, 2022

Garlic Mustard, or Alliaria petiolata, is native to Europe and usually found from Czechia to Italy. Now the weed can be found in areas such as New Zealand, North Africa and North America. For North America,...

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