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Diploma to demi plié, dancer follows passion

Jake Woodward May 1, 2015

Carls use their interests on campus in a variety to ways. One early graduate, however, has expressed her love of dance a unique way: Caitlin Throne ’15, or “Miss Caitlin” to her students at the...

“Gu-Comps” breaks down genre hierarchy

Jake Woodward April 24, 2015

Last Friday and Saturday, senior Dance major Gustave Maisonrouge presented his Comps show, “Gu-Comps”. The performance brought together a large collection of dancers from diverse backgrounds and the...

Alumna donates colossal cookbook collection

Jake Woodward April 10, 2015

A recent gift from an alumna is cooking up new opportunities for students and community members on campus. Firebellies, the student group dedicated to cooking and food, recently received a donation of...

Indigenous students start new cultural club

Jake Woodward March 7, 2015

Students have come together to form a space for something they perceieve is lacking on campus: a place for the sharing of indigenous voices, cultures, and pride. Freshmen Alex Portnow, Rae Benjamin,...

Plucky dance group EDB finds their groove

Jake Woodward February 20, 2015

Last weekend, a term and a half’s worth of student-choreographed dance moved across the big dance studio to a packed audience. The show by the Experimental Dance Board included eight pieces with dancers...

After funds crisis, Body +++ aims to “keep people talking”

Jake Woodward February 13, 2015

For the past five weeks, a new student-run discussion series has been introduced as a venue for discussion about body positivity. Body Talk, or Body+++, is organized by six upperclassmen connected to...

The ManDance Consensus

Jake Woodward February 7, 2015

Every Winter and Spring terms, Ebony II performances are marked by a special dance—Mandance. This “hyper-sexualized and energized” performance is for self-identified men and includes carefully orchestrated...

“Why I’m graduating early:” Seniors’ Reflections

Jake Woodward February 2, 2015

While most Carleton students finish in 12 terms—four years—some students opt to take a different route and decide to accelerate their graduation and graduate a term or more early. Class Dean for Juniors...

Student Sculptures Satisfy Visual Craving

Jake Woodward November 10, 2014

As the term progresses, Carleton’s landscape is ever changing, and not just in a natural way; sculptures have come and gone around campus, bringing a human-made element to the change of seasons. Every...

“We’re Sharing Our Home:” Hula Group Teaches Carls

Jake Woodward November 1, 2014

“We’re sharing our history. We’re sharing our story. We’re sharing our home,” said members of the hula dance group Halau Kiawekupono O Ka Ua. Last weekend, The halau shared new life with campus...

An “Assertive Stance:” Transgender Artist Reflects on Gender Fluidity

Jake Woodward October 24, 2014

In a new St. Olaf exhibition, viewers explore gender and sexuality through the art and through themselves. Artist Zackary Drucker uses photography and video to bring queer consciousness into focus in...

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