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Overseen at Sayles

Gaston Lopez February 17, 2017

Responsibility: an essential American tension

Gaston Lopez November 4, 2016

Remember how much it seemed like the news exploded in 2012, when President Obama was caught with the soundbite “you didn’t build that” while stumping for his reelection? Talking about government’s...

Choice Words

Gaston Lopez October 21, 2016

My old high school orchestra director would sometimes invoke the late comedian George Carlin when he talked and became aware of the dated language he used. Half-defensive, half-joking, he referred to a...

Exploring the depths of “religious liberty”

Gaston Lopez October 7, 2016

If you’ve haven’t heard enough of the catch-all term “religious liberty,” check the headlines again. This past week, Alabama’s State Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, was suspended from...

Halcyon days of the digital camera

Gaston Lopez May 20, 2016

Life’s markers tend to involve little motions and tasks. Take cooking, for instance. The moment you get to hold a very sharp knife in your hands, supervised, to mince garlic marks entry to a new world...

On the fray

Gaston Lopez May 13, 2016

I am not one to follow the sound of a fray, even if the fray was merely on print. And by “fray,” I exaggerate the nature of our continuing conversations on free speech in the past few years. Like many...

Aliens. Need I say more?

Gaston Lopez April 22, 2016

On any given weekend, our family would make sure to stop by the Redbox before leaving the grocery, to pick the movie that we would watch. Renting the movie discs from those convenient red kiosks was but...

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