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The Hunt for Bigfoot

Emma Velis October 28, 2016

As the chilly fall winds blow in causing shivers and extra hot chocolate orders at Sayles, so do some spine-tingling reports of unusual activity in the Arboretum. In the past several weeks, conversations...

Owls On the Prowl

Emma Velis January 16, 2016

A big welcome back to Carleton from your Cole Student Naturalists! We’ve returned to the face-numbing cold that is Minnesota winter. While it’s tempting to bundle up into all of your clothing at once...

April showers, short-lived flowers

Emma Velis April 24, 2015

Maybe you forgot during this week’s rain and hail, but it is in fact spring! While you were busy burying your head in the hood of your jacket, you might have looked down by your feet to see the beautiful...

Arb Notes – Carleton’s Tiny Prairie

Emma Velis November 10, 2014

The Postage Stamp prairie may be a little bigger than its namesake, but not by much. Carleton’s own remnant prairie fragment overlooks Bell Field and is the only untouched land that the college owns....

Arb Notes

Emma Velis October 20, 2014

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