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Former editor-in-chief reflects on her Carleton experience

Drew Higgins May 27, 2016

It feels false to announce resolutely that “I love Carleton.” As well-educated students, we are inclined to qualify and hedge everything. As it should be. Nothing is perfect; everything has flaws;...

Neighbors not psyched for Weitz extension

Drew Higgins November 13, 2015

“It’s our baldspot,” said Jerri Hurlbutt ’76, president of the Northfield East Side Neighborhood Association (NESNA). “It’s the neighborhood’s baldspot.” Hurlbutt is referring to Central...

Magical Microcosm or a Small Town Struggle

Drew Higgins October 31, 2015

There are many reasons to hate Carleton’s location, and many reasons I personally do. As an outdoorswoman, southern Minnesota leaves something serious to be desired. The state parks are small, the...

Northfield Option kids reprimanded

Drew Higgins October 31, 2015

“As you can imagine, these reports are disheartening and do not adhere to the standards of reasonable behavior established by the City of Northfield and Carleton College,” Associate Dean Cathy Carlson...

Drinking culture crackdown, or just paranoia?

Drew Higgins October 16, 2015

On September 23rd at 9:30 pm, a Saturday night, the men’s club soccer team--a group of approximately twenty students--gathered on Bell Field for a ritual beer before the beginning of their first year’s...

Enjoy the view

Drew Higgins October 10, 2015

I didn’t especially like freshman year. I felt placeless and without a sense of belonging. My classes bored me; the classrooms seemed lifeless and stifling. I didn’t know who I wanted to be friends...

Cooped up in Musser

Drew Higgins October 2, 2015

Two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, sophomore David Goodell helped junior Malcolm Fox carry a hefty package back to his room in Allen House. While walking back up the stairs behind Musser, he looked...

This week’s Editorial

Drew Higgins May 29, 2015

My phone buzzed inside my bag. I surreptitiously slid it from a pocket and into my lap, peering at the screen and then at my professor to make sure he wasn’t looking at me. Just another email. Food...

Our dream interview with T-pain

Drew Higgins May 29, 2015

Sunday morning after his iconic performance, we sat down with T- Pain at Tandem Bagels. A light drizzle splattered the windows. Looking put-together in dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt and matching blazer,...

This week’s Editorial

Drew Higgins May 16, 2015

Last Monday, the Obama administration gave conditional approval to Shell Oil to begin offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean this summer. The news is deeply distressing. It feels inevitable that we are...

Chasing steeples at stadium

Drew Higgins May 1, 2015

On Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. the men’s track team assembled for this year’s “Rolex Classic,” which included the infamous and odd Steeplechase event. The race prompted two questions from the ‘tonian...

30 Minutes with the Prez

Drew Higgins May 1, 2015

EN: Do you feel that Carleton is too politically correct? How, if at all, does political correctness affect how you do your job? SP: It doesn’t affect how I do my job. I do my job. I do what’s right...

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