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Rockin’ Warbler

Darcy Mishkind May 20, 2016

This past Saturday we conducted the annual Arb bird count. Since 2000, this survey has helped the Carleton community track changing bird populations. Of particular interest in the bird count is a group...

Quaking Aspens, Cloning & You!

Darcy Mishkind March 4, 2016

Walking through the Arb, it is not uncommon to run across a quaking aspen. And when you run across one, you are likely to run across a whole stand of them. But why is this? The answer is simple: you are...

More Info About Owl Poop Than You Ever Thought You Needed To Know

Darcy Mishkind February 26, 2016

Small brown clumps of something on the ground. It could be animal scat, but no, it is something else entirely! Those of you who are faithful Arb note readers will have read recently about how easily...

Asian Lady Beetles: Spawn of Satan or Harmless Knockoffs?

Darcy Mishkind November 13, 2015

They look like cute little ladybugs when you see them one at a time. Innocent, spotted, and innocuous. However, as fall sets in, they start showing up in droves, and they swiftly move from cute bug to...

Invaders from Below

Darcy Mishkind May 1, 2015

A subversive invasion is underway, and it is happening right below your feet. The keep has long-since been breached, the war already lost. Despite the best efforts of our native predatory birds, ants...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Frogs

Darcy Mishkind April 17, 2015

It was just another day in southern Minnesota in the summer of 1995 when a group of middle school students went to collect frogs around a small man-made pond. As they gathered the frogs, people noticed...


Darcy Mishkind May 5, 2014

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