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Making the most of hypocrisy

Claire Kelloway October 24, 2015

It’s always the same dilemma... “I care about the environment.” “I’ve read up on the problems in our food system.” “I know things have to change.” But, “I don’t feel comfortable spending...

Troubled by trendy “back to the land” tendencies

Claire Kelloway May 22, 2015

I’ll be the first to admit I am prone to romanticize all things “green.” In an effort to reject what bothers me about my middle-class suburban upbringing, I’ve thought I could, and should, happily...

Seeking sustainable, not political

Claire Kelloway April 17, 2015

My work at Carleton as a food activist could perhaps be interpreted as “food divestment.” I work with students from the Sustainability Office and Bon Appetit to analyze our dining halls’ receipts...

Our Food Future: At Carleton, Lacking Action

Claire Kelloway April 10, 2015

As a member of Food Truth, I have been a part of many campaigns to get students to see their food differently. We’ve pushed for people to think about the environmental and ethical implications of eating...

A “Dead” Language, Revivus

Claire Kelloway October 24, 2014

The old is new at Greenvale Elementary School, where some 40 third, fourth, and fifth graders have signed up for Latin Club, which is facilitated by Latin 204 students. Classics professor Rob Hardy started...

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