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The Carletonian

The Carletonian

Naturalism in the 21st century

Callen Inman May 25, 2019

The informational revolution of the late 20th and early 21st centuries has benefited ecology and evolutionary biology tremendously. Nowadays, genomic data on thousands of species are readily available,...

Understanding animal coloration

Callen Inman February 8, 2019

Sometimes animal coloration has an obvious adaptive explanation. Snowshoe hares are white in winter because individuals that blended with the snow were less likely to get eaten than those that didn’t....

Species of Carleton

Callen Inman January 30, 2016

All college students know that each major connotes a certain prejudice, gait, manner of speaking, vocal pitch, habit (or lack thereof) of talking to oneself, level of focus, hairstyle, manner of dress,...

A Surreal Forray into the Periodicals

Callen Inman November 7, 2015

As I enter the UNESCO-protected moss-draped literary woodland, flanked by Dakota County gingko groves and abundant shrubbery from which the piercing screams of the circulation desk shred out mundanity...

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