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Next year in Jerusalem?

Anonymous April 13, 2023

This Wednesday marked the beginning of Passover, a holiday during which millions around the world celebrate the ancient Israelites fleeing from slavery in Egypt. At the end of a Passover dinner, it’s...

The press doesn’t care, why should you?

Anonymous November 10, 2022

Mahsa Amini, like so many young women, had dreams. She wanted to finish her university education and get married. Instead she was killed at the age of 22. Nearly two months ago, her death sparked protests...

“I love you, but-“

Anonymous October 27, 2022

“I love you, but-”, is a strange statement coming from your parents. Theoretically, these are the people who have raised you, seen you through thick and thin and have been there as guides throughout...

Advice for first years

Anonymous October 20, 2022

Dear First Years, It’s your conscience. We haven’t talked in a while, what’s up with that? Just kidding.  As someone who was once in your shoes all of four or so months ago (eons, really,...

To look, and see nothing but ink-black hate

Anonymous October 20, 2022

I saw them across the street. Pitching a fit, like oversized toddlers. Screaming at dead air and live people. The protestors outside the UCC were all the funhouse mirror caricatures of blind bigotry I...

Carleton’s COVID-19 response is unscientific

Anonymous May 26, 2022

Of the six individuals on Carleton’s COVID-19 Core Team, three are vice presidents (student life, treasurer, Chief of Staff), one is a dean, one is Director of Campus Security and one is Director of...

Reflecting on now and revisiting the past: The IDE plan

Anonymous May 12, 2022

I would like to remind folks that just because we cohabitat in a so-called “liberal haven” does not mean that there aren’t problems that marginalized students encounter at this predominantly white...

Confusion and lack of Matzo: Keeping Kosher for Passover in the dining halls

Anonymous April 28, 2022

I know that disliking Bon App food is a fundamental part of the Carleton experience. I think that the motto of Northfield should be changed from Cows, Colleges and Contentment to “Cows, Colleges and...

Carleton wants Rotblatt dead

Carleton wants Rotblatt dead

Anonymous April 22, 2022

For those who find themselves blissfully unaware, last week the Carletonian revealed a set of changes to our yearly tradition we so love and adore: Rotblatt. Gone are the days where Rotblatt was truly...

OneCard: the loss of community and spontaneity

Anonymous April 22, 2022

What is the first thing you do upon arriving at Carleton College your freshman year? Apart from ogling at the gorgeous, verdant campus at the end of a summer, you take your school photograph (that, alas,...

From athletes to tinder: on Valentine’s Day at Carleton

Anonymous February 11, 2022

The great thing about dating a guy on a sports team is that you’re dating a guy on a sports team. You get to be the athlete's girlfriend; you can wear his letterman jacket; you instantly become friends...

Is it all what you imagined it to be?

Anonymous October 25, 2021

“Is it all what you imagined it to be?” Whether it is a close friend, a former teacher or my own father, I feel like I have been asked this question, or a variation of it, way too many times to...

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