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What a rejection letter taught me about failure

Andriana Taratsas May 2, 2021

I was in eighth grade when I received my first rejection letter. I had applied to a public magnet school in my area, and I really (really, really) wanted to attend. On the long-awaited Decision Day, while...

How to address vaccine reluctance

Andriana Taratsas April 11, 2021

Last weekend, I turned twenty—a sort-of-big birthday but very bittersweet. I was grateful to spend the day with loved ones, to be healthy, to have happiness, to be able to celebrate at all. But there...

Combatting stress culture

Andriana Taratsas February 6, 2021

Move-in day is stressful–special, yes, but mostly stressful. We dress it up with mascots and activities and traditions, but really it’s a mess of boxes and last-minute Target trips and realizing that...

Encouraging political diversity on campus

Andriana Taratsas January 16, 2021

Since starting at Carleton in 2019, I have felt very privileged to go to a school with such smart, passionate students. I learn so much from the people around me, and find my peers to be the greatest...

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