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Vol. CXLVIII, No. 3

October 13, 2023

Which AI language model is the funniest?

Ben More, Managing Editor May 12, 2023

To paraphrase the old poem: “First they came for the jobs, and I did not care, because I did not have a job. Then they came for our romantic relationships, and I did not care, because I am a Carletonian...

Common Room Draw Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tripp Tokioka, Staff Writer May 12, 2023

As May approaches, it’s now time to put into motion the housing plans you’ve been dreading since you opened your inbox to find the worst draw number in existence. Whether your number is 5 or 500, here...

Damned if we do, dammed if we don’t: Beaver Trapping in Lyman Lakes

Jonah Docter-Loeb, Contributor May 12, 2023

When I found out Carleton was trying to kill beavers living in Lyman Lakes, I knew I needed to save them at all costs. So, I shimmied out onto the thin ice and shook the submerged traps until I heard...

Away from home as it all burns down

Rahim Hamid, Viewpoint Editor May 12, 2023

There are cars burning on the roads that I used to drive on every day. My friends from back home send me messages in horror as institution after institution begins to shut down amid fires and destruction...

“Welcome to Carleton” (but only if you are white)

Anonymous May 12, 2023

If people had asked one year ago why I chose Carleton, I would have said that it was because of Carleton’s welcoming community. If you asked me today, I would say it was because I didn't know the reality....

Carleton Mutual Aid brings Art Week to campus

Lindsay Boettiger, Arts and Features Editor May 12, 2023

This week, students, groups and organizations across campus are hosting a series of arts events in what is known as Mutual Aid Art Week. Elliot Hanson ‘23 and Eli Watt ‘25 have been spearheading the...

Doechii announced as Sproncert headliner

Lindsay Boettiger, Arts and Features Editor May 12, 2023

As announced in Sayles and broadcast over KRLX last Friday, Doechii will be this year’s Sproncert headliner. This announcement comes as the last after the openers — Bad Timing, Paranoid Fiction, Silver...

Northfield Women’s Center reacts to student protest and criticism

Zak Sather, News Editor May 12, 2023

Almost a year ago, the landmark Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson thrust abortion back into the harsh limelight of American political and cultural life. The Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade,...

Fellowships awarded to Carls include twelve Fulbrights, one Watson

Aldo Polanco, Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2023

After another cycle of Carleton student and alumni fellowship applications, a total of 17 Carls were recognized by the Office of Student Fellowships in their draft report to the Office of Institutional...

Prairie Fire in the Arboretum

Gerrit Hoving, Cole Student Naturalist May 5, 2023

Spring has arrived, and the Arboretum is starting to flower and leaf out. But spring has also brought a couple of non-traditional signs to the Arboretum. Burned patches of ground, plumes of smoke —...

Carleton to Be Demolished in Order to Build Oil Pipeline

Ben Ellis, Bald Spot Editor May 5, 2023

Shocking all four attendees at Wednesday night’s CSA meeting, it was announced that Carleton College and oil giant ExxonMobil had reached a decision in their talks on the future of the liberal arts school’s...

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