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Spring Term No:

Nam Nguyen April 8, 2016

Bae (Goes without saying.) Health (Here I am coughing/sneezing/having a headache all week. So fun.) Sleep (Is this unique to spring term? Sadly, I don’t think so.) Confidence in the future (Please stop...

OCS program cancelled after small pool of applicants

Nam Nguyen March 4, 2016

Earlier this term, the Carleton Off Campus Studies Office launched a new program, “Carleton Intensive Spanish in Soria” for summer of 2016. The program was expected to be led by Palmar Alvarez Blanco...

Wendy Davis on women and Hillary

Nam Nguyen March 4, 2016

Last Sunday, Carleton received a visit from Wendy Davis, a former Texas senator and 2014 gubernatorial candidate. Ms. Davis made headlines in 2013 when she stood for nearly 13 hours to filibuster the...

“Be fine”

Nam Nguyen February 5, 2016

For weeks during the summer of 2014, I was passive suicidal. I remember having so much sadness in me it became physically debilitating just to exist – to carry out any basic everyday task, let alone...

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