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Spring Term No:

<ong>Bae (Goes without saying.)

Health (Here I am coughing/sneezing/having a headache all week. So fun.)

Sleep (Is this unique to spring term? Sadly, I don’t think so.)

Confidence in the future (Please stop asking me about my summer plans. Please.)

Motivation (I should really do these readings, but I might just Google pictures of platypuses instead.)

Inner peace (AHHH! Another academic year is ending! People are graduating! Time passes! I’m not OK with this!)

Realistic expectations (I can go out every night during party week and keep up with my classes! Right?)

Frisbee skills (Someone please teach me how to throw a frisbee so I don’t embarrass myself.)

Angst (Good vibes only, y’all. It’s spring, it’s sunny, and so is my soul.)

Complaining about the weather (There are no longer regular wind chill winter storm warnings, so let’s just all agree to accept even 40 °F weather as a gift. See above)

Mediocrity (Whether we’re talking relationships, academic work, or unrealistic crushes, let’s not settle. We deserve great things.)

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