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Rising Star Kamaiyah plays at Cowling Hauntcert

Matt Thibodeau November 4, 2016

This past Saturday night, Cowling may have experienced the most lit night of its entire existence. What began as music playing in the abysmal gymnasium we know and love, quickly transformed into a throbbing...

Skinner Memorial Chapel celebrates 100th birthday on cusp of Sesquicentennial

Matt Thibodeau October 14, 2016

Dedicated 100 years ago this week, Skinner Memorial Chapel is celebrating its centennial. The monolithic gray stone building—sometimes heard playing eerie bell renditions of Star Wars—is perhaps the...

Goats in the Arb: Friendly to the ground and students

Matt Thibodeau October 7, 2016

At the beginning of fall term, many students across campus were transfixed by the new invasive species management system being implemented in the woods near upper Arb: a herd of goats. Working their way...

Campus collection, a resource underused in classes?

Matt Thibodeau February 21, 2016

When they came back to campus this fall, some Carls might have seen the drab, corporate furniture in Upper Sayles and questioned the efforts Carleton puts into creating a pleasing campus aesthetic. A...

Tunnel a “clunky labyrinth”

Matt Thibodeau January 22, 2016

Whether you’ve looked for an externship, internship, or have already started your career search, you’ve doubtlessly encountered Carleton’s infamous career website, the Tunnel. Devoid of any aesthetic...

Nordic skiing: Carleton’s lost sport?

Matt Thibodeau January 16, 2016

Snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and students are unrecognizable in bundles of clothing; winter term is upon us. Yet while many students fondly remember summer and abhor the return of the...

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