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Caucus for Davin Sokup if you want a young, queer, progressive State Senator

Are you tired of national politics? It’s just a couple of weeks until Super Tuesday, and we’re surrounded by the presidential race. But look a bit closer to home and you’ll find different Democratic candidates in the campaign for Minnesota’s state senate.

This coming Tuesday, February 25 at 7 p.m., precinct caucuses will give Carleton voters a chance to support a state senate candidate. The candidate who earns the most delegates at caucuses will win the Democratic-Farmer-Laborer (DFL) party’s endorsement later this Spring, then go up against current Republican State Senator Rich Draheim come November. The DFL is currently two state senators away from controlling both the Minnesota Senate and House; this race could be the tipping point, and I want it to tip toward Davin Sokup.

Davin is a young, working-class carpenter who owns a local small business. He also happens to be transgender. When I first met him, he spoke about how his experience coming out and how transitioning inspired him to raise his voice for himself and his communities, eventually leading to his bid for office. As an outspoken queer woman myself, I could immediately relate. Nothing is more crucial in politics than having people who share our experiences representing us at every level. And Davin would be the first openly transgender state legislator in Minnesota. Listening to Davin, this smart and friendly young person who understands queer experiences and actually remembers what it’s like to be in college, I was immediately energized to make history that will truly impact the Carleton community.

Davin’s priorities are stacked with progressive policies that matter. He is committed to fighting climate change by bringing renewable energy to the area and pushing for sustainable agriculture, while supporting the workers and farmers who do these jobs. He plans on mending education systems to reduce student debt. And he supports policies like Medicare For All that will finally put healthcare, as a human right into, law.

But these policies will never get passed if people don’t show up at caucuses and say that they want them. So for the past month and a half, I have been on the ground with Davin: knocking on doors, making phone calls, and even marching at the Northfield Women’s March. We have talked to countless people who are sick of having a state senator who doesn’t represent them, and we have urged them to come to caucuses and say so.

Now, I urge you: caucuses are this Tuesday at 7 p.m.. If you live in most places on campus, your location is at the Weitz. If you live in Parrish, Page, Rice, or CANOE, your location is St. John’s Lutheran Church. Confirm your location at Then show up, support delegates for Davin, or even run to be a delegate yourself. This is the time to raise your voice.

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