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    Food for Thought

    <th Bon Appetit and the Wellness center get questions about how sick students might attain meals for the day. Here is what Bon Appetit and the Student Health and Counseling Center had to say about it.

    According to the Bon Appetit website:

    What if a student is ill?

    “If an ill student is unable to attend a meal in the dining hall, that student can contact the appropriate dining hall and arrange for a meal to be picked up and delivered by a friend. Please bring the sick student’s OneCard when picking up the meal so that the meal can be paid for by that person’s meal plan or Schillers.”

    These meals may be picked up in a “to go” box or tray. By presenting the friend’s OneCard when the student swipes into the Dining Hall, the student can acquire a “to go” container to attain food for their friend.

    Meanwhile, the SHAC website offers the following information for students who are sick:

    Q: If a student is ill, on board, but not allowed to leave his or her room, how will he/she be fed?

    A: “If a student is too ill to go to the dining hall or is being responsible and is practicing social distancing, Bon Appétit (Carleton’s food service provider) does have a sick tray option for students.

    Ill students should send a note and their One Card with a roommate or friend to the dining hall and that person will be given a to-go container to take food back to the sick student. If a student is ill for a longer period of time, he/she can work with their Hall Director to submit their ID number to Bon Appétit so they can keep it on file and then the friend would just need to give the sick student’s name to the checker.”

    Above all, the important thing to remember is that students who are truly sick and contagious should not attend meals. Doing so could potentially infect many other students–especially since the Dining Hall is so crowded. So send a friend to get your meal, and get some sleep.

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