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    Where are they now? Alumni Update

    <ong>Name: Melissa Albay ’90

    Major: Computer Science

    What are you doing: Business Partner – Technical Training – Target Corp 

    Is there anything that particularly surprises you about Carleton’s campus today or what current Carleton students are doing?
    That entrances to dorm buildings are now locked. We could walk through any dorm building at any time while I was here. And what’s up with those stoplight parties?

    How has your Carleton experience set you apart in the job market? What advice can you give to students currently looking for jobs?
    My absolute favorite thing about Carleton people is that we are lifelong learners. Being open to new ideas, fostering creativity, questioning current norms and processes are all highly valuable qualities that Carleton teaches us and serves as a basis for any future jobs you may wind up in, out other, in the “real world.”

    I’ve been at the same company for 14 years and have moved between three different departments, all doing very different things. I can’t say that I necessarily know “what I want to be when I grow up.” But life can be a series of wonderful dots that you connect along the way. You may not know what your next two or three steps are going to be until you make the first one, and even then, your path may alter. I believe Carleton not only gives you the mindset to be open to change, but to welcome it to be curious and explore change. That’s the beauty I find in Carleton people. The world is changing faster than we can keep up with it. If you can embrace change, you’ll come ahead in the long run.

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