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    <ll have those that we want to do, or need to do, but it seems like we’ll just never be able to get them done. Without a plan, without a measured way forward, even the smallest task can seem impossible. Goal setting is an easy way to figure out how to accomplish those things you want and need to do. By setting accomplishable, measurable goals, you can be successful sooner than you think.


    First, identify what you want to accomplish. Is this something you can do quickly, or that might take awhile? Is there more than one step involved? If so, you might want to break that larger goal down into several smaller goals. Setting a goal of “Finding my dream job” doesn’t give you any clear way forward. However, you might break that down into smaller goals, like “Spend an hour every day looking for jobs” or “Send in an application every week” are smaller goals you can accomplish. When you accomplish these goals, that’s success, and each small goal leads you to a bigger one.


    It’s important to give yourself a window in which to accomplish your goals. Short term goals lead to long term goals and overall success. Some goals you can work on daily, others weekly or monthly. Setting a deadline for a goal doesn’t mean you have completed it successfully, it just means that at the end of that deadline, you set a new goal. Goals help progress. That’s your success. Goals help you find success on the way to your major goal.


    It always helps to have someone else in on your goals. Let a friend know what you’re up to. Tell them how it’s going. They can help keep you honest, and support you as you accomplish the goals you set.

    Now is a great time to set some goals to help you get started in your life outside of Carleton. Contact the Career Center or stop in anytime to get another opinion on what you can do. Set goals to make your life better, and accomplish those things that you’ve always wanted to.

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