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    Caught in the ACT

    <y the tutoring program works is that parents call the ACT Center with a request for a tutor in a particular area and then a Carleton volunteer is matched with that student based on that subject. It is a great way for you to share the knowledge you have with a middle or high schooler and get them excited about learning.

    As a tutor, you make a commitment to meet at least once a week for an hour or so, based on your and your tutee’s schedule. Tutoring sessions can be a chance for the student to work on homework, prepare for a test, review challenging concepts, ask questions, etc. It is a great way to reinforce what the student is learning in school.

    The volunteer program is really appreciated by the Northfield community. One parent wrote about the tutor that her daughter was meeting with: “They’ve only met twice but my daughter is already more confident. She is less panicky about Math and thinks with the tutoring she will understand and get better grades.” Almost all parents noticed significant improvements in schoolwork and confidence.

    Tutors, like parents, were also able to see changes as they continued to meet with their tutees. As one tutor wrote, “I think her self-confidence has increased significantly from tutoring, and she’s starting to believe that she’s capable of problem-solving on her own. She also has a much better grasp of the material and why it’s important.”

    Overall tutors find the experience rewarding; it is a tangible way to help someone out. But as a tutor, you are not only helping your tutee in that particular subject, you are acting as a role model. The relationship that you build with bridges beyond just the academic. One tutor wrote, “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my tutee and help her with something that I needed help with a few years ago.” Both tutors and tutees are thankful for the friendships they build. One tutee remarked, “When the end of the year rolls around, it will be tough to say goodbye!”

    If you are interested in becoming a tutor, email [email protected] with the grade level and subject you would like to tutor and any other preferences you have! Right now there is especially a need for high school math tutors.

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