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    Remember freshman year when you moved out of your dorm for the first time? Somehow, between all the tests and floor meetings, from the first fall frolics on the hill of three oaks to your first triumphal skinny dip of the cannon, you had accumulated a plethora of stuff. You had all kinds of crazy stuff, and only enough cash money to store about a fifth of it. So what was the inevitable solution? If you were like me, you dumped all the salvageable junk in the bins for the ‘Lighten Up’ garage sale. Clean room, clean conscience.

    You tossed in that stupid devil costume you bought from ragstock that you thought would be original for heaven and hell, you said goodbye to that pair of socks that your grandmother sent you to keep you warm in the arctic reaches of Minnesota, and you certainly did not hold on to the George Foreman grill that you were sure you were going to use all the time when you went to Target for the first time with your roommate.

    Well, the good news is that all that crazy stuff helped the ACT Center raise over $15,000 for local nonprofits last year, and the garage sale continues to be a big hit in the community. Lighten Up is just around the horizon, so get your random clothing items ready. Dust off that lava lamp. Stop using the fridge as an extra dresser.

    Also, if you’re interested in some extra cash flow in a hard economy, join us in the efforts. The ACT Center is hiring some brave souls to help sort, sift, and organize all the fun donated junk so that it can turn into a bailout for local nonprofits. Stop by the ACT Center if you’re game.

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