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    CSA Weekly Press Release

    <nday, September 29, the CSA Senate met in their second meeting of the year. From 7-8 p.m. in Sayles 251 the Senators approved all the recommendations from Budget Committee, appointed Nora Mahlberg to the vacant Senate/ EAC liaison position, and discussed the campus climate survey, the upcoming town hall meeting and Board of Trustees Meeting. Last, the committee heard updates from the various working groups and committees of the college.

    Senate began the meeting discussing the ten recommendations to Senate from Budget Committee. Seven of those recommendations (which can all be found on the all-campus email and the Budget Committee webpage) were approved without further discussion. The recommendations for the crepe committee, Students for the Right to Bear Arms (SRBA) and the request from Katie Blanchard and Vera Chang were approved after some discussion. The Crepe Committee received 150 dollars so that CSA can continue to provide crepe mix and toppings for those student groups trying to raise funds. Students for the Rights to Bear Arms received 150 dollars for an NRA affiliation and 750 dollars liability insurance. Senator Evan Rowe said of his vote for the funds to the SRBA “We pay insurance for club sports on campus so it wouldn’t be fair to deny insurance for Students for the Right to Bear Arms. The CSA is here to support student groups, and this shows that we continue to be an open-minded body.” Lastly, Katie Blanchard and Vera Chang received 150 dollars each for a slow-food conference in Italy.

    The officers of the Senate considered three applicants for the Senate/ Environmental Advisory Committee vacancy and nominated Nora Mahlberg ’09. Mahlberg is familiar with both the EAC and the environmental community on campus. She also brings much personal experience working to improve the environment around the country. The Senate approved Mahlberg unanimously.

    Senators also discussed the results of the Campus Climate survey and the CSA sponsored Q&A with diversity consultant Sue Rankin. The discussion was led by the senators who make up the Campus Climate Working Group: Chase Kimball, Brandon Walker and Colin Bottles. Kimball questioned what the next steps for the CSA were, saying, “Sue Rankin [from the Campus Climate Survey] talked about justice, equity, and community. How can we implement those values through our curriculum, our student organizations, and our relationships?” Senators spent about 20 minutes discussing possible future paths and options for the CSA. Education and Curriculum Committee Liaison, Senator Cat McMurtry suggested that the CSA Senate might do well to move out of Sayles 251 and to a more open area, where more students could be involved in the meeting’s proceedings.

    The Senate also discussed various options for the pending Town Hall meeting and for the Board of Trustee meeting scheduled for the end of this month. The Town Hall meeting will focus on particular issues facing the student body and will prioritize getting as much student participation as possible. The Senate agreed that the presentation to the Board of Trustees would include the two proposals presented last spring, the creation of an Activities Access Fund and an expansion of the Board of Trustees to include more student interaction.

    The Carleton Student Association is composed of all current students at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. The students elect senators and officers to represent them through the Senate. The current officers are President Caitlin Fleming, Vice-President Pablo Kenney and Treasurer Sam Ritter. The CSA Senate meets every Monday at 7 p.m. in Sayles-Hill room 251. All meetings are open to all students, and non-students are allowed at the discretion of the Senate. There is a period of open comment for any student at the end of all meetings. Senate Office Hours are Monday-Wednesday from 9-10 p.m. in Sayles 160.

    CSA Budget Allocations:

    Request 1: Experimental Theater Board
    Amount allocated: $668

    Request 2: Students for the Right to Bear Arms
    Amount allocated: $900

    Request 3: Carleton Boxing Club
    Amount allocated: $750

    Request 4: KRLX
    Amount allocated: $598

    Request 5: Jewish Students at Carleton
    Amount allocated: $40

    Request 6: Animal Rights Coalition
    Amount allocated: $93

    Request 7: Katie Blanchard and Vera Chang
    Amount allocated: $300

    Request 8: Doh Burma Society
    Amount allocated: $147

    Request 9: Coalition of Hmong Students
    Amount allocated: $87

    Request 10: Crepe Stand
    Amount allocated: $150

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