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In memoriam of the Crane

<rleton College’s beloved Crane, a flat top tower crane used in the construction of the College’s new integrated science building, departed from campus on March 21, 2019. Standing at a proud 153 feet (to the top of its mast), the Crane was de-constructed peacefully during spring break. In its years of service, the Crane not only assisted in the physical construction of parts of campus but became a parental-like figure for students. The Crane was adored by many, and under its watchful eye, progress was made in the science building and countless other achievements were made by the college. Additionally, the Crane became a religious idol during its career at Carleton, and it gained a devoted following of students who praised the Crane as a lofty figure in spirituality and height.

Even in times of great  peril (including a freak tornado), the Crane never stopped serving Carleton’s community to the best of its ability. For that and numerous other worthy reasons, we will be forever grateful to the Crane. Although the Crane did not stay with us long enough to witness the science building in its completed state and glory, Crane played an integral role in the project. The Crane is survived by Stevie P, a broken college admissions system and broth.

Carleton’s skyline is made emptier by the Crane’s absence, and the void between LDC and the construction site is a reminder of the Crane’s once robust presence. While we grieve for our community’s loss, which is felt deeply by all, let us not forget the lessons that Crane taught us: be a source of light for others in the dark, utilize your talents for the better good and, above all else, stand tall.

We wish the Crane luck on its journey to the great beyond and send our positive thoughts and love.

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