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Carleton’s campus: full of future film sets

<ny of you have probably seen, there is a film that is being shot on campus and around Northfield. The film is called Tuscaloosa and is based on a book by Glascow Phillips. It is centered around a boy who falls in love with a girl with multiple personality disorder who lives in a mental hospital. It just so happens that the mental hospital is our very own Laird Hall. Now that Carleton is the new Hollywood, here is my guide to the other buildings for future directors.

Musser: I know that this is a stretch, but I always imagined Musser as an ugly version of Villa Savoye. You know the French, modernist villa built in 1931. If you close your eyes and have a solid imagination, I think you’d see it! Perfect for that French New Wave film with a modern, boozy, dirty twist.

Olin: Clearly a large cheese grater. Want to make a live-action sequel to Ratatouille where Remy makes a new restaurant? This is your place. Ask Lyman for casting options for the rat.

Weitz: a fancy, modern rectangle. Perfect for your experimental fiction film. It is said that simply stepping inside of this building will get the creative juices flowing.

Goodsell: Goodsell is clearly a monument to the original Star Wars series and R2D2. This building really does look at the little beeping robot. This one is specifically reserved for George Lucas and his upcoming film where all the robots are buildings.

Cassat and James: Want to remake a classic film like The Parent Trap or It Takes Two except with college dorms as the stars? These nearly identical buildings are for you. Just so you know, like any twins, they are quite different on the inside!

Sayles: Sayles is trying to be the Panthenon but is just fooling itself. Feel free to use Sayles for your thriller about what would happen if Ancient Romans took over Northfield. Gladiators may or may not be able to handle comps.

Library: Ideal location for your new horror movie. May look simple and welcoming from the outside but just enter inside and the anxious moans of college students will overwhelm you with fear and dread.

Please let me know if you would like to inquire about using one or more of these buildings for your film today.

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