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PE courses Carleton should offer

<lking from Weitz to Farm House. I remember hearing of one Farm House resident who had a 1a in the Weitz. We cannot deny the far distance between these two points, especially in the dead of winter. Thus, why not give credit for it? Students get credit for tracking whenever they make this trek. I bet this is the only PE option that can accommodate anyone’s schedule.

2. Running up the Watson stairs. For one whole hour, see how many times you can summit the tallest dorm on campus. This course will take place about three times a week on any days the elevator breaks down. If that cannot be considered a legitimate workout, I don’t know what can.

3. Synchrony II. It really doesn’t make sense that everyone’s favorite dance troupe for inexperienced dancers cannot go for any sort of credit. Depending on how many dances you sign up for, in addition to group rehearsals, your amount of hours on this physical activity could go well over the hours given for a standard PE class.

4. Swimming in Lyman Lakes. Yes, that does include during the winter. I mean, it’s not Antarctica, where someone has actually swam (Google Lynne Cox). And just to clarify, I do not condone unsafe behaviors like swimming in cold water. You should check with a doctor before enrolling in this course.

5. Broomball. This is a vicious sport that a significant number of Carls participate and sustain injuries in during their time here. May as well give credit for it.

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