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Carleton: A College Musical

<ir="ltr" id="docs-internal-guid-4c0a21ad-e8e8-5b37-dca8-a77d57294f79">Hamilton the Musical is a hip hop musical about Alexander Hamilton that is immensely popular. Everybody’s listening to it, everyone loves it, no one can get a ticket. Once listened to, Hamilton lyrics insert themselves into people’s brains, causing innocent people everywhere to become overwhelmed with the immense desire to quote the lyrics in daily life. Even Stevie P. has fallen victim to this. My question is: when this strong urge to quote Hamilton arises, when is it appropriate?

When you mysteriously have very little work 4th week, but need to accept what is coming: “In the eye of the hurricane, there is quiet. For just a moment, a yellow sky.”

When you are at Cowling and see that cute person from your Geology class: “Tryin’ to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom. Everybody’s dancin’ and the band’s top volume. Grind to the rhythm as we wine and dine. Grab your sister and whisper ‘Yo, this one’s mine’” (if it is mutually consensual).

If student loans could speak: “My sweet, submissive subject. My royal, loyal subject. Forever and ever and ever and ever.”

Trying to convince your professor to change your grade from a 89 to a 90: “Don’t you know, I won’t give up until I am satisfied. Don’t you know, why should I stop until I am satisfied.”

When the RA’s knock on the door at 1am and say “RAs on duty!” but you just poured yourself a drink: “I’m not throwing away my shot. Hey yo, I’m just like my country. I’m young, scrappy and hungry. And I’m not throwing away my shot.”

The moment when you see your screwdate in the Great Hall and realize that this may not be as insanely awkward as you expected: “The conversation lasted two minutes maybe three minutes. Ev’rything was in total agreement. It’s a dream and a bit of a dance. It’s a bit of a posture, it’s a bit of a stance. He’s a bit of a flirt but I’m ‘a give it a chance.”

When a test doesn’t go well and you  know that if you get a bad grade on this one test, you won’t get a good final grade and then you won’t get a good GPA and then you won’t get a good job and then you will become a crazy cat lady and then you will grow old wishing you had gotten that one question right that would have given you an A instead of an A- : “I made every mistake, and let shame rise within me. And now I lie awake, knowing history will have its eyes on me.”

Basically, I have come to the realization that it is appropriate to quote Hamilton in every single situation.

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